Google changes. Understand each.

Google changes in 2015. Understand each.

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In 2016 Google has gone through many changes both in its updates in order to bring better experience to its users, as the company and improving its business.

Check out these changes.


In April 2015 he released an update in which the responsive sites (adaptable to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets) have gained preference in display search results made ​​by these devices.

The main goal of this action was to improve the mobile user experience.


For Google the year 2015 was marked by changes, a few months ago they took a bold attitude in the least and became part of a new holding company created by themselves, which named Alphabet .

The idea of ​​the name meaning alphabet was to mark a new phase in the group aims in the coming years have a service linked to each letter of the alphabet.

With the change, the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin took the Alphabet, as CEO Page and Brin as president.

The post of CEO of Google was to Sundar Pichai, an Indian prodigy who works at Google since 2004 in the engineering department.

The entire mechanism of searches will remain under the autonomy of Google, since the idea is that the holding assume every day more new projects.

The changes did not stop there, because at the beginning of September, the logo of Google had a change in your source (which has not happened since 1999).

The justification of the company was a fact that is well known, the omnipresence of the brand and the increasing use of mobile devices.

This change of the understanding of the need to have your brand perfectly accessible from any device, the new logo now has only 305 bytes, (the former consumed about 14,000 bytes).

This change will certainly generate some changes and the first one is very important, the page loading time, which from now on should be observed more closely by the search engine.


In October 2015 it was announced an unusual update calls RankBrain that uses a kind of artificial intelligence that seeks to understand the purpose of the user in the search and eventually learn how to show the best results.

This update now covers about 15% of searches performed.

All these changes have come to fulfill the promise made ​​in the official blog of the company about many changes that were to come. ( See more )

Updates should not stop there, it is likely that soon something is done about the application (see more).

Most Google updates have been made thinking of the mobile audience that is on the rise in recent years, not only in the number of users but also in their use of time. How have you prepared your business for this new phase?

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